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BJ Arnett

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Educator | Producer | Director | Costumer | Actor

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Former NBC 11 Alive entertainment / lifestyle reporter and Noonday anchor, Mrs. BJ Arnett is no stranger to the film and entertainment industry.

She is currently the host and co-producer of the award winning BJA Today, a Camy Arnett Production Studios original and host of TV 57’s This Day with BJ Arnett.

Associate professor Mrs. BJ Arnett has an MBA, BA in Fashion Merchandising and an AA in Fashion Design. She is currently the Chair of the Art and Fashion Department at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University (CAU).

In this position, she has raised over $280,000 for the department and has been awarded a prestigious educational partnership which garnered another $500, 000.

Professor Arnett is the founder of “Trends and Tours”, a New York fashion excursion for art and fashion students. She is also the creator of the very first HBCU Art and Fashion Week established in 2016.


Industry greats such as supermodel and philanthropist Beverly Johnson, Essence Magazine Editor-at-Large Mikki Taylor, designer Yemi Osunkoya founder of Kosibah Bridal, and stylist supervisor Monique Younger have been keynotes and panelists.

Mrs. Arnett is the conference leader for the 2023 Lead Up Conference and she serves as co-chair for the Women and Film Television Atlanta 2022 Gala.

Past film credits include Made in Heaven and Marc Pease Experience as well as Adrenaline and Grantham Rose, in which BJ plays the daughter of Marla Gibbs (Rose). She and her husband - author, actor, director, and producer Camy “Cameron” Arnett - were associate producers on Adrenaline.

Mrs. Arnett played the social worker Kerry Murry in the film Tulsa, which was shown in Regal Theaters around the country becoming the second highest grossing self distributed film. BJ also plays Judge Janeeva Reed in Make It Clear Studio’s film Trafficked and Joann in the Kendrick Brothers' Courageous Legacy.

Mrs. Arnett has served as the PR Director for Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) and as co-chair of the WIFTA Gala committee. She returned to WIFTA’s Board of Directors in 2022. She also sits on the Program Engagement Committee for the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, the largest film festival in the country.

With her company, Model Majesty LLC, BJ trains and books production talent for fashion, film and television events. She and her husband, Camy Cameron Arnett, are executive producers of the feature film Mattie: The Discovery and producers of the film Hosea An Undying Love and Destined to Love You. BJ is also an associate producer of The Challenger Disaster.

Together, the Arnetts have launched Proverbs 31 Management where she has the esteemed honor of managing producer, director, actor Cameron Arnett.

They are also the founders of Saving Destinies, a nonprofit that is raising and uniting a diverse expanse of individuals dedicated to the issue of the right to life for every human being born, unborn, disabled, aged or defenseless.


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