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Imagine women ministry leaders across the nation who lead with the utmost power of Jesus Christ, working in and through them, to reach their circle of influence and beyond with the love of Christ.

Imagine Christian women pouring their lives into the next generation of leaders, teaching them the truth of scripture, whereby they know Christ more deeply, and love Him more intimately, thereby desiring to be and serve like Jesus.


Imagine Christian women who grasp their identity in Christ, who are not swayed by the lies and schemes of the enemy;  Women who overcome past failures or wounds and press forward knowing they are unconditionally loved, fully forgiven, and totally accepted in Christ Jesus.


To gather Christian women ministry leaders from across the nation for this intense, yet inspirational, educational summit, that will equip and empower leaders to lead like Jesus, so they might influence the next generation of leaders, multiplying efforts to reach more for Christ and for His good purposes.


- We affirm the Holy Bible alone, and in its entirety, is the inspired Word of God.

- God is a Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; One in essence and equal in power and glory.

- We believe the sole means of receiving the gift of eternal life is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the  cross as our substitute, fully satisfying the requirement for our justification, our forever relationship with God;    Christ then conquered death through His resurrection in bodily form, providing assurance and hope for all believers.
- Faith is a personal response, apart from our works, whereby we are persuaded that the finished work of Christ,  His death and resurrection, has delivered us from condemnation and guaranteed our eternal life.
- Spiritual growth, or maturity in Christ, is not required for salvation, but is God’s expectation for every believer,    and will be rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ. This growth is not necessarily manifested uniformly in every believer, as it is determined by our dependence on, and obedience to the Holy Spirit working in and          through us. Maturity in Christ is a lifelong process.

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