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Lead Up Sponsorship

Welcome to the LeadUp sponsorship page. Your generosity provides the opportunity for Christian women ministry leaders from across the nation to attend this inspirational, online educational summit, that will equip and empower them to lead like Jesus, so they might influence the next generation of leaders, multiplying efforts to reach more for Christ and for His good purposes.

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Melinda Davis & Up2Me Radio


Simply put, Up2Me Radio is a community of people who want to be and do better! We help individuals build confidence to pursue their life goals through inspiring stories of health, well-being and healing of the mind, body & spirit.

Through relevant, inspiring, uplifting and informational conversations we create content for your listening pleasure. Our Show Hosts are everyday people, dealing with everyday challenges, personal struggles and discovered a path of success to thrive.


Our Hosts in their authentic voices connect with listeners by sharing their story and journey. Subject matter experts are invited as guests to add value to the conversation through their expertise and/or personal stories of survival.

Our impact goal is to motivate you to affirm your personal dreams, take action and to make it happen! No one can do the “work” for you, so join our community to keep you inspired and motivated to take actionable steps towards achieving your goal (s).  

Digitally Broadcasting since 2012!


Kim Crabill & Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc.


Roses and Rainbows Ministries, Inc., is an interdenominational organization that encourages, mentors, empowers, and equips women to live the purposeful lives they were created for by allowing God to transform their past hurts and disappointments into blessings.

The uniqueness in this ministry is based on its foundational scripture of Isaiah 42:9 which God gave to its founder, Kim Crabill, over 30 years ago. Her goal from the start was that all content be applicable to all denominations, ages, and backgrounds, and that all discussions remain free from denominational or political issues.

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